Wendi Da, MA
Ms. Wendi Da is currently a PhD student at the Department of Health Promotion, Education and Behavior. She’s also a junior scholar at the CHQ. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Preventive Medicine from Sun Yat-sen University in China, and her Master’s degree in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins University. Her graduate studies were on MSM stigma and their effects on depression, substance use and sexual behaviors among MSM in Lesotho. Her current research in CHQ focuses on HIV disclosure, HIV stigma, sexual behaviors and medication adherence among PLWHA in China.

Yanping Jiang, MA
Yanping Jiang is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior. She works under the supervision of Dr. Xiaoming Li. She earned her Master degree in Psychology at South China Normal University and a Bachelor degree from the Department of Psychology from Chongqing University. She is interested in understanding potential mechanisms by which early adversity exerts a long-lasting effect on human development. She is also interested in HIV intervention and health promotion.