View active research projects within the South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality

Active Research Projects within the South Carolina SmartState Center for Healthcare Quality 


  • Resilience-Based Psychosocial Intervention among Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in China (PI: Xiaoming Li), NIH/NINR, R01NR013466
  • Theory-based HIV Disclosure Intervention for Parents (PI: Xiaoming Li), NIH/NICHD, R01HD074221
  • Does preference-based HIV testing increase uptake in high risk populations? (PI: Jan Ostermann), R01MH106388
  • Opportunities and trade-offs due to patent expirations and health reform: Estimating HIV patients’ treatment preferences to inform treatment decisions. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) grant (PI: Jan Ostermann).
  • Neurodevelopmental outcomes associated with care setting in children orphaned by AIDS (PI: Xiaoming Li), R21HD087108
  • Mechanisms of the effect of HIV disclosure on clinical outcomes (PI: Shan Qiao), R21AI122919
  • Scale It Up: Effectiveness-Implementation Research to Enhance HIV-Related Self-Management among Adolescents and Young Adults – Analytic Core for U19 Application (PI: Xiaoming Li), NICHD/NIDA
  • Big Data Analytics of HIV Treatment Gaps in South Carolina: Identification and Prediction (PIs: Xiaoming Li, Bankole Olatosi), NIH/NIAID, 1R01AI127203-01A1


  • Building a Disaster-resilient Community: A Study of Community Social Support During the 2015 Flooding (PI: Xiaoming Li), USC OVPR
  • Functional wellness among women living with HIV in South Carolina (PI: Shan Qiao), USC OVPR ASPIRE I
  • Developing a High Performance Query Analytical Platform to Support Large Scale Climate Data Analysis (PI: Zhenlong Li), USC OVPR ASPIRE I
  • Medical Case Reports Analytics (MCRA) in Neurology (PI: Amir Karami). USC OVPR ASPIRE I
  • First Line of Defense: An Evaluation of the Role of Primary Care in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity in South Carolina (PI: Sayward Harrison), USC OVPR ASPIRE I (Track IIB)
  • Examining the Role of Primary Care Providers in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity (Magellan Scholar: Molly Beman, Mentor: Sayward Harrison), USC Office of Undergraduate Research
  • An Evaluation of Health Literacy in Mental Health among Youth involved in the South Carolina Juvenile Justice System (PI: Yao Zhang), USC OVPR ASPIRE I (Track IIB)